Bibbona Turismo

The history of Bibbona

Bibbona Turismo

The history of Bibbona

Bibbona has old origins and the first inhabitants date back to the Stone Age, followed by the Etruscans, whose many interesting finds are still preserved such as a VI° century b.C. grave. During the Middle Ages Bibbona become one of the most important and competed castle of the Maremma, and Pisa, Volterra and Firenze had fought each other for it.

Towards the XI° century a lot of the lands were granted to the Earl Della Gherardesca, already owner of many Tuscan territories. Later Bibbona become a free city-state under the republic of Pisa until 1406, when it was subjected under Florence’s power. His original laws, which rule the city-life, remained in vigour until the end of the 1700.

Bibbona lived a very flourishing period until 1549, when the lands belonging to the community were ceded to the wife of Cosimo I de’Medici and the inhabitants of Bibbona were obliged to pay the rent called “terratico”. Living standards worsen drastically and this was the beginning of the decline of Bibbona, marked by epidemics and pirates’ incursions that caused the depopulation.

Towards the end of the 18° century, there was a big improvement with the drainage of the swampy areas thanks to Pietro Leopoldo II. Only in the 1789 the lands returned to the city-state of Bibbona, but sold to the richest owners, which improved the yield from the land but not living standards. Nowadays Bibbona, that include the small outlying ward of La California and the seaside resort of Marina di Bibbona, is considered one of the greatest hilly region that bases his economy on tourism, agriculture and different handcraft-activities.


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