Bibbona Turismo

Typical Products of Bibbona

Bibbona Turismo

Typical Products of Bibbona

The smells that characterize the pinewood, the “macchia” and the sea are familiar to the resident so as the tastes and smells of our local genuine products. To visit a place means to discover its peculiarities. Bibbona is crossed by the suggestive Street of Wine, winds across the woods, countryside, beautiful medieval villages, where the visitor is enchanted by the sight either during the summertime and in a cold winter day…because the Nature is amazing with its deep colors.

You can simply admire the villages in the hills full of marvelous vineyards and centuries-old olive trees, which are a wonderful sight in every season, or you can have a short rest and taste the various typical products of high quality offered by our coast.

Terratico DOC Convivia Oliando

Within the woods and the green hills herd of cattle graze completely free and represent the renowned “Chianina” breed, typical of our territory and to which is dedicated the famous “Zootechnics Festival” where the visitor can taste its extraordinary deliciousness. Cereals, fruits, honey, extra-virgin olive oil, which gives a particular taste to our local cuisine, are only some of our treasures we are pleased to share with you. But our area is famous especially for the production of world-famous wines such as the “Sassicaia” and “Ornellaia”, produced in the nearby village of Bolgheri and alongside stands the DOC “Terratico of Bibbona” of very good quality.


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