Bibbona Turismo

The recipes of Bibbona

Bibbona Turismo

The recipes of Bibbona

Fried eggs with almonds.
If it is possible to take fresh eggs and boil in salted water, drain and dip in flour, beaten egg and straight after in the almonds, peeled, thin chopped and toasted. Fry in abundant hot extra-virgin olive oil, lay down on absorbing paper and serve.

Stuffed chicken’s neck.
In the traditional recipe the neck is washed and deprived of the bone, the stuffing is prepared with mincemeat, eggs, Parmesan cheese, minced parsley and garlic, salt and pepper. All the ingredients are mixed and put in the chicken’s neck. Stitch the neck. It is possible to boil it or to cook in the oven for about 30 minutes. Cut into slices and serve with vegetables at will.

Chicken’s neck stuffed with pistachio.
Boil the potatoes and straight after squashed them, add mincemeat of beef, veal and chicken, garlic, parsley, and minced pistachios, salt and pepper, eggs, Parmesan cheese and mix. Fill the neck, empty and washed, stitch it at the extremities and cook in a plate in the oven with extra-virgin oil at 180°. At half cooking wet with wine and as soon as it is exhaled add two spoon of water. After 15 minutes it’s ready. Cut into slices and serve with baked potatoes.

Fusilli pasta with fresh tomato.
Chop the ripe tomatoes in small squares, preferably firm tomatoes, season in a salad-bowl with garlic, rosemary and basil, thinly minced. Cook the fusilli in salted boiling water, drain and pour in the salad-bowl with the sauce, add abundant grated Parmesan cheese, extra-virgin oil, mix and serve.

We thanks the Farmhouse “La Caprareccia” for the recipes.


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