Bibbona Turismo

Sport and nature

Bibbona Turismo

Sport and nature

The contrast between the blue sea and the green hills creates a wonderful coloured scenery. The deep respect for the environment allowed the nature to impose in Bibbona his full sovereignty, certified by the “Sails of Legambiente”. Long beaches, sweet-smelling paths of the magnificent pinewood, our wide countryside, will take you by the hand and will taking you in a full immersion in the soul…

Birthplace of the famous Olympic cycling-champion Paolo Bettini, who began just in this places his training, Bibbona became an ideal destination for cycling. A lot of teams choose, in fact, to come to train just in this places, thanks to the particularly mild climate and to the particular conformation of the territory, that offers an interesting variety of tracks. Walking through the narrow alley of Bibbona and arriving behind the village opens a grandiose landscape stretched in the wide surrounding countryside. Turning down San Rocco street is possible to notice on the left the body of an old weather-cock of ancient origins quite rare in this area.

» La macchia della Magona

Bibbona Macchia della Magona Granfondo Costa degli Etruschi

Going along you arrive at the entrance of the wide “Macchia della Magona”, an ideal place to appreciate wild nature and doing sport. This is a forest property of the State which holds a biogenetic oasis and a deep vegetation extending for 1635 ha. The “Macchia della Magona” offers 16 different itineraries for excursions on foot, by horse or mountain- bike, where is possible to observe the typical Mediterranean species and recognize some of the various animals that live there like roebucks, fallow deer, hares, squirrels, foxes and different migratory birds. And those who love riding on mountain bike is dedicated the “Granfondo Costa degli etruschi”, a national cycling race that takes place within the wood and that every year attracts numerous participants not only from Italy.

Other naturalistic excursions are possible in the northern part of the pinewood, bearing in mind that the southern part is partially occupied by the “Oasis of Bolgheri”, an internationally renowned shelter for migratory birds and the first oasis WWF in Italy, that is available for visits in some period of the year.

Granfondo Costa degli Etruschi Granfondo Costa degli Etruschi Granfondo Costa degli Etruschi


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