Bibbona Turismo

Bike Tracks in Bibbona and Marina di Bibbona

Bibbona Turismo

ROUTE 16: Bolgheri DOC - Bibbona-Bolgheri-San Guido-Castagneto Carducci-Donoratico

Length: 36km km
Height: 200m mt
Difficulty: 2/3
Typo: bike


Departing from the Donoratico railway station, turn left onto the Old Aurelia road which crosses the town. After about 70 metres, turn right into Via Piave and go as far as the roundabout, where you go left onto Via della Libertà. In front of the news-stand,go right along Via del Fosso as far as theT-juncton in Casone Ugolino, where you go left to the intersection with the “Bocca di Valle" S.P 329. Go straight on, cross the provincial road and take the country road, which bears left after about 1 km, then turn right at the first crossroad. After 1 km, near a farmhouse on the left, follow the road that goes left. The road runs through olive groves, and after 1 km, bear right, going past the Podere Sapaio as far as a hairpin bend that turns sharp right and joins the S.P 16. where you turn left in the direction of Bolgheri. This beautiful stretch of gently rising and falling road lined by centuries-old oak trees runs through Bolgheri's famous vineyards. including the renowned Sassica, as far as the turn off for the cypress avenue. Turn right here and ride uphill to Bolgheri. Back on the cypress avenue, go downhill as far as the little SanGuido Church, and turn left towards Donoratico. After 1 km near a restaurant/pizzeria on the right, leave the “Old Aurelia" S.P.39, turning left onto Via delle Ferrugginì. After 4 km back on the Via Bolgherese, go right (3.2 km) and cross the Fosso di Bolgheri (the road divides into two lanes separated by a big oak tree), then immediately turn lelt and follow the signs for Castagneto Carduccl. After 600 metres, turn right at'the T-junction into Via di Lamentano and follow the road to the end (2.4 km). At the T-junction. go right downhill, cross Via Bolgherese and carry straight on downhill on the little country road. At the first intersection, go straight on, turn left at the second, and after 500 metres go right for 950 metres as far as the crossroads, where you turn left again. From here, follow the first leg of the itinerary back to Donoratico railway station, going through Casone Ugolino, Via del Fosso and Via della Liberlà.

OPTIONAL DETOUR: From Bolgheri you can take a detour along the beautiful Via Bo gherese towards Bibbona. Go downhill a short way along the cypress avenue and turn right towards Bibbona. The road with marked but spectacular rises and falls runs between vineyards and olive groves for 5 km as far as the intersection for Bibbona (the town is 1k away). The itinerary runs straight downhill aong the Via Campiglese for 4.5 km to join the Old Aurelia, where you turn left. Ride for 1.7 km to the San Guido church (on the rìght). where you re-join the main itinerary.

The route is mainly flat, with the exception of some gentle rises and falls around Bolgheri. The route is marked by numbered trail marks.




Costa degli Etruschi: from top to bottom
ROUTE 16: Bolgheri DOC - Bibbona-Bolgheri-San Guido-Castagneto Carducci-Donoratico

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